About Us

REVOICE is a platform envisioned by refugee youth, a multimedia and multilingual space for refugees from all around the world to share their stories and creative endeavours, discuss issues they care about, connect with each other, learn about and engage in programmes to enhance skills and events of interest, and ask about the services available to refugees in their respective locations of residence.

We aim to connect with and empower fellow refugees on global issues. We believe that refugees are not simply victims of war; on the contrary, refugees can be the seeds of peace-building, the witnesses and bearers of history, beacons of courage and trailblazers of transformation.

With most of us being refugees and former refugees ourselves, we know that refugees have the vision to create meaningful change within their own communities and throughout the world. We know that so many of you are doing so already, and that others would like to find a way to do so.

We also know that while being recognised as a refugee is critical to protection and rights, that we are each so much more than just being refugees, we have our own unique histories, complex identities, our weave of relationships, particular talents and personal dreams. Being a refugee does not erase who you are; it intensifies who you are because your survival depends on your strength of character.

We invite you to tell us who you are and about your dreams and visions, so that we may inspire some of the 65 million displaced people around the world. We encourage refugees from all over the world to connect with us and to submit their story, in any language.

We look forward to hearing from you, resounding your voice, and creating new visions together.

The Revoice Team



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